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Mr Tim Schneider

Research & Publications


Tim Schneider supervises a six month post-graduate Fellowship in Foot and Ankle Surgery. This Fellowship is accredited by the Australian Orthopaedic Association, and is part of the Melbourne orthopaedic Group Research Trust. Further information regarding this Fellowship can be obtained by emailing the Melbourne Orthopaedic Group Fellowship Co-ordinator, Romaine Thornton-Bott, at


Angiosarcoma Occurring With Chronic Osteomyelitis And Residual Foreign Material:Case Report Of A Late World War II Wound Complication.
Hayman J., Schnei:der T., Renney J.
Aust N Z J Surg. 67 (8), 576-8.1997

Snow Skiing Injuries:
T Schneider
Australian family physician 32 (7), 499. 2003

Calcaneofibular Ligament Deficiency In Chronic Lateral Hindfoot Instability. A New Dynamic Ultrasound Sign And Comparison With Cadaveric, Clinical And Surgical Findings. 
CM Blundell, C Bass, TE Schneider
Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, British Volume 85 (SUPP III), 244-244 2003

Posterior Tibiotalar Ligament Injury Resulting In Posteromedial Impingement 
G Koulouris, D Connell, T Schneider, W Edwards
Foot & ankle Int.24 (8), 575-583. 2003

Sonography Of Plantar Plates In Cadavers: Correlation With MRI And Histology 
JM Gregg, M Silberstein, T Schneider, JB Kerr, P Marks
American Journal of Roentgenology 186 (4), 948-955. 2006

Sonographic And MRI Evaluation Of The Plantar Plate: A Prospective Study 
J Gregg, M Silberstein, T Schneider, P Marks
European radiology 16 (12), 2661-2669. 2006

Plantar Plate Repair And Weil Osteotomy For Metatarsophalangeal Joint Instability 
J Gregg, M Silberstein, C Clark, T Schneider
Foot and ankle surgery 13 (3), 116-121. 2007

Histologic Anatomy Of The Lesser Metatarsophalangeal Joint Plantar Plate 
KJA Gregg J, Marks P, Silberstein M, Schneider T
Surg Radiol Anat. 2007


MR Imaging And Ultrasound Of Metatarsalgia-The Lesser Metatarsals 
JM Gregg, T Schneider, P Marks
Radiologic clinics of North America 46 (6), 1061-1078. 2008

Matrix-Induced Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation (MACI) Grafting For Osteochondral Lesions Of The Talus 
T E Schneider, S Karaikudi
Foot & ankle Int. 30 (9), 810-814. 2009

Distal Tibiofibular Syndesmosis Reconstruction Using A Free Hamstring Autograft 
T Schneider, MWJ Morris, P Rice
Foot & ankle Int. 30(6),506-11. 2009

Biomechanical Comparison Of Metatarsal Head Designs In First Metatarsophalangeal Joint Arthroplasty 
T Schneider, D Dabirrahmani, RM Gillies, RC Appleyard
Foot & ankle Int. 34 (6), 881-889. 2013

Outcome Of First Metatarso-Phalangeal Total Joint Replacement (Toefit): A Clinical Outcome And Survival Analysis 
M Al-Maiyah, P Rice, T Schneider
Bone & Joint Journal Orthopaedic Proceedings Supplement 95 (SUPP 21), 32-32. 2013

Book Chapters:

T Schneider and E Selvarajah, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome In Sport, In:
Foot and Ankle Sports Orthopaedics. V Valderrabano, and M Easley (editors), Springer 2015, (in press)

T Schneider and E Selvarajah, Foot And Ankle Injuries In Rugby , In:
Foot and Ankle Sports Orthopaedics. V Valderrabano, and M Easley (editors), Springer 2015, (in press)

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