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Upper Limb Research

Current Projects in progress:

  • Biomechanical analysis of plating techniques for unstable distal clavicle fractures with coracoclavicular ligament involvement (Type 2B)
  • Influence of Bankart lesion, glenoid bone loss and bankart repair on glenohumeral cartilage loading using patient-specific finite element (FEA) models
  • Biomechanical comparison of distal biceps repair techniques – two-point unicortical onlay technique vs. bicortical inlay technique
  • Biomechanical comparison of conventional tension band wire fixation versus novel tension band suture fixation for simple transverse olecranon fractures
  • Role of tranexamic acid in arthroscopic osteocapular releases of the elbow for degenerative arthritis
  • Humeral version and outcomes following reverse total shoulder arthroplasty
  • Clinical outcomes following latissimus dorsi vs. lower trapezius tendon transfer for massive irreparable rotator cuff tears
  • Clinical outcomes following arthroscopic proximal radioulna joint (PRUJ) contracture releases for rotational stiffness
  • The Posterior Instability Shoulder Score: a new and validated method of assessment of posterior shoulder instability .
  • Acromial Stress Fractures in patients post Reverse Shoulder Joint replacement.
  • The Efficacy of 2 alternative suture anchors Osteoraptor and Bioraptor 2.3 for primary surgical stabilization of the unstable shoulder – a double blind randomization trial.
  • A retrospective review of CT’s investigating the degree of osteolysis around a novel shoulder anchor post shoulder labral repair.
  • Thumb fractures in elite athletes
  • Latarjet Reconstruction union rates
  • Proprioception after shoulder reconstruction
  • Stemless shoulder replacement early outcomes
  • Pyrocarbon Arthroplasty Registry results

Recent Publications (2018 – present)

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