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Frequently asked questions

Our Rooms at 33 The avenue Windsor are directly opposite the Avenue Hospital. This hospital houses a comprehensive radiology department with facilities for: Xrays, CT scans, Ultrasound, MRI, bone scans, and interventional radiology.

For Xrays a booking is not usually required, whilst for other procedures, appointments can be booked by your surgeon at the time of your consultation. X-rays can be performed both at Glenferrie Private Hospital and Collins Street.

Private Health insurance allows you and your family to access the right health services at the right time. You have control of your health care and can choose the provider, facility and timing of your treatment.

With the security and protection of private health insurance, you have access to both The Avenue Hospital and Glenferrie Private Hospital and can rest assured that your health is in good hands.

Our practice hours are from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday (excepting public holidays). Appointments for each surgeon can be made either by telephoning that surgeons’ secretary directly, or by phoning the practice on 9529 3333.

Our telephone reception staff can then put you through to the secretary for your preferred surgeon, or alternatively offer you the earliest available appointments with any one of our surgeons.

The standard fee charged in this office is the Australian Medical Association recommended fee. This means that in most instances there will be a part of your consultation and surgical fee that will not be covered by Medicare and your health fund.

If there is any problem with this it is important that you ask about this gap. Our staff are fully informed with changes and rebates and will be able to help you navigate you way through this area of your procedure.

Fees will be reviewed with you at the consultation visit. Payment during the consultation is appreciated. Bank cheques, personal cheques, cash or credit cards (MasterCard, VISA) are acceptable means of payment.

When you come for your appointment remember to get the following:

  • Your referral
  • Have your insurance information.
  • Copies of operation records, medical records, x-rays, MRIs, CT scans and so on from prior doctor visits.
  • If you have seen a physiotherapist, please bring a progress letter from the therapist.
  • If you have had surgery elsewhere, please bring a copy of your operation report

Major surgery on a joint may take two or three hours in the operating room. Getting a full range of motion, strength and flexibility back in that joint after surgery usually takes months.

That’s where pre-operative exercise and education and post-operative physiotherapy programs come in – to ensure you’re physically and emotionally prepared for surgery, and to maximise your recovery after surgery.

Together, such programs are among the most important determinants in the success of your surgery.

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