Specialties & Services

A/Prof. Andrew Shimmin

Specialties & Services

A/Prof. Andrew Shimmin specialises in the treatment and surgical management of hip and knee problems caused by arthritis and sporting injuries. This includes special expertise in hip replacement and resurfacing and patient-specific image guided total knee replacements.

Total Hip Replacement Video

A/Prof. Shimmin is an experienced hip replacement surgeon. He is trained in and regularly uses all surgical approaches, all methods of implant fixation (cement and cementless titanium) and all bearing surfaces (metals, polyethylenes and ceramics)

Hip Resurfacing Video

Some patients with osteoarthritis of the hip would be considered for hip resurfacing surgery. Mr Shimmin has extensive experience and research interest in choosing the optimum implant types for each patient.

Knee related conditions and treatments Video

A/Prof. Shimmin regularly performs total knee replacements often with the aid of image guided patient specific navigation techniques. He will also consider unicompartment or half-knee replacements for specific indications.

A/Prof. Shimmin has performed over 1000 Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstructions and over 5000 surgeries for meniscal (cartliage) injuries to the knee.

He has recently involved in the research of stem cell treatment, which use allogenic stem cells for the prevention of osteoarthritis in the human knee.

If you have an orthopaedic hip and knee condition and wish to be advised on best treatment options, please call my Personal Assistant Lynda Morris on 03 9525 1366 to schedule an appointment.

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